Seeking 2 Support Team Members

SevenSpark is currently seeking two qualified part-time support team members. This is a contract position.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Support Team Members handle customer support for SevenSpark products (WordPress plugins and themes), fielding usage questions and providing technical assistance.

95% of support tickets relate to UberMenu. Much of the job is assessing the user’s site and pointing them to the appropriate support resource (Knowledgebase, Video Tutorials, etc), but some customers will require technical assistance involving code for incompatible themes.

  • Provide approximately 2-3 hours of support each day (Monday – Friday)
  • Provide 2 sessions of support daily (1-1.5 hours each on average)
  • Work from anywhere, but must be available at least half of the hours from 9AM-5PM EST
  • Respond to customers via Help Scout
  • You will receive payment via PayPal


  • Working knowledge of WordPress, including theme and plugin basics
  • Advanced understanding of CSS
  • Proficient in PHP (comfortable assessing and editing code)
  • Basic understanding of javascript / jQuery
  • Proficient in HTML
  • Fluent written English
  • Skilled with troubleshooting problem solving, and using Chrome DevTools (or web inspector of your choice to source CSS, HTML, and Javascript issues
  • Polite, patient, professional, and good customer service skills

In general, you should feel comfortable assessing any front-end problem given the appropriate tools and access.

Above all, I am looking for a fast learner. I don’t expect you to know everything right away, but to be able to pick up on things quickly.

Bonus attributes

These are not required, but would be considered advantageous

  • Experience with UberMenu 3
  • Experience developing WordPress themes or plugins
  • Experience supporting other Envato authors, or providing WordPress assistance elsewhere

How to Apply

Please fill out the application below to apply. I expect to get back to candidates early next week, depending on how many applications I receive. Thanks for your interest and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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