UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable mega menu WordPress plugin. It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu Management System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.


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20 thoughts on “UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

    • Hi Rommel,

      I don’t have any experience with Artisteer, but as long as it properly implements WP3 Nav Menus it should be able to work. You may want to review the UberMenu requirements as well as the “How can I tell if my theme is compatible with WordPress 3 Menus” section of the support guide: http://wpmegamenu.com/help/#MEGA-requirements .

      If you have support questions for a product you have purchased, please direct your inquiry through my CodeCanyon contact form, located on this page: http://codecanyon.net/user/sevenspark . The contact form is located on the bottom right side, and you would need to be logged in with the account you used to purchase UberMenu.



  1. I am interested in the ubermenu plugin.
    I would like to confirm (and if this is true you should add it to the features list) that it is compatible with custom taxonomies. As a newbie to this wordpress feature I think it is if I make the taxonomy available to “Navigation Menu Items” which is an option available in most taxonomy plugins.

    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your question. UberMenu should work with any type of menu item from WP Nav Menus, so yes, it should work with custom taxonomy items – however, I have not tested this (yet).

      I’m currently on vacation, but I will test this out for you when I get some time 🙂 If for some reason it didn’t work currently, I’d want to update the plugin so that it does.

      Thanks for your interest!


  2. Thanks Chris.
    I tried to buy this with Paypal but it doesn’t appear to be working. The MoneyBookers is working but am I ready to commit the extra $4? Actually on this page, it says the price is $10.

    I am not trying to squeeze you, this should be very useful. Did you check out my web site?

    Please email me the response.


  3. I have installed the plugin on a site but the dropdown menu is not working. What factors need to be in place for it to work?


    Hello Sevenspark
    I have just bought your Uber Menu Plugin from Codecanyon. I try to use it. But I got a problem because of I am amateur. Menu isnot close when mouse leave the menu items. I didnot correct it beacuse of my little English. Can you advice me to close menu when mouse leaves the menu. you can check it here; http://www.karasus.com/tr/

    Tolga Karahan

    • Hi Tolga,

      You’re getting a javascript error with one of your other plugins, and that is stopping UberMenu from working properly.

      For further support, please direct all support requests through my CodeCanyon contact form located on the bottom right of this page: http://codecanyon.net/user/sevenspark



  5. Thanks Chris

    I have requested support for this javascript error by codecanyon…
    Plugin is great. I only need to solve some problems with my other plugins and theme…
    Thanks again
    Tolga Karahan

    • Hi Tolga,

      Glad you like the plugin 🙂

      You don’t need to contact CodeCanyon (they won’t be able to help you) – you need to contact me, through my CodeCanyon contact form. It is on this page:


      and it looks like this:

      The problem seems to be with a plugin called “SocioFluid” including an old version of jQuery. The problem may be that they are not running in noConflict mode. Also, make sure that UberMenu is running in noConflict mode under Appearance > UberMenu > Theme Integration > Run jQuery in noConflict Mode.



  6. Any chances of releasing a non-WP3 Uber Menu, for use at any website? Make that and you’ll be a winner :)!

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  8. Just bought the UberMenu to improve the navigation on my site. Wrote a short review and thought you may like to to share it with prospective customers. I’ve tried other menu plugins but Uber is by far the best! Easy to use and written very well… no weird steps to get your menus setup. In my opinion It feels like standard WP function that’s how well it’s integrated. Want to see my use and review of UberMenu visit http://andyeveland.com/ubermenu-2

  9. I can’t seem to find your contact form on codecanyon anymore, did you remove it? I have an issue with uber menu that has stumped me and wanted to see if you would take a look.

    • Hi graphitelab,

      You’ll need to be logged into CodeCanyon with the account you used to purchase UberMenu in order to use the contact form 🙂



  10. So I have 2 menu items that are “mega-fied” and produce dropdowns. However the dropdown box is too long. The css for the submenu class gives a hard width of 600px. I seem to be getting this instead of the dropdown box just being fluid to the menu items in it.

  11. hello i have use this plugin i love it but i have one problem it removes my original background and skin for the theme.. How to fix that

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