UberMenu 2.3 Released & Important Upgrade Notes

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UberMenu is now available, and upgrade is recommended.

UberMenu 2.3 was released today, and includes a variety of updates and feature enhancements:

  • Updated Search Box Styling
  • Ability to name custom widget areas
  • Improved localization
  • Added ability to include custom javascript
  • Ability to disable updates
  • Separated basic.css into LESS stylesheets for easier customization
  • Improved compatibility with nested plugin styles
  • Improved Windows 8 Mobile touch compatibility
  • Fixed minor skin bugs

Important upgrade notes

For those upgrading from a previous version of UberMenu, there are a few changes to the plugin to be aware of.

General upgrade

UberMenu 2.3 has a lot of refactoring and refining to the core code. It’s best to delete the previous plugin files and replace them with the new version. Don’t forget to back up any changes!

Style Generator Skins

In the latest version of UberMenu, LIs are now qualified with the .menu-item class in stylesheets in an effort to improve widget and shortcode style compatibility. As a result, you may need to re-save your style generator styles in order to update the skin to be compatible with the latest version.

custom.css Skins

If you are using a custom.css file, you will need to move it into the new /custom folder for it to be picked up by the new version of UberMenu. That is, save your custom.css before upgrading, then move it to the /custom folder.

Also, in the latest version of UberMenu, LIs are now qualified with the .menu-item class in stylesheets in an effort to improve widget and shortcode style compatibility. You will likely need to qualify all of the appropriate LIs in your custom stylesheet with the .menu-item class as well in order to make sure your styles have a high enough specificity to be applied. Generally, a simple find-and-replace from ” li” to ” li.menu-item” will resolve the issue – just be careful not to duplicate the class, and not to replace any LIs that aren’t actually menu items in your style selectors.

You may also need to add the class .megaMenu to any top level ULs in your skins to make sure your styles are specific enough.

Sorry for the inconvenience! But these changes will help improve future compatibility with other content you might like to place in your menu 🙂

Search Bar

UberMenu 2.3 introduces a new search bar style and functionality, and will replace your old UberMenu search short code automatically. If you wish to revert to the old style, please use the short code [ubermenu-search-v1]

Enjoy UberMenu 2.3!

Update April 13, 2013

UberMenu 2.3 bugs that have now been resolved in

Unfortunately, a few bugs were introduced in UberMenu 2.3, and have now been resolved. They are noted below for your reference:

Easy Integration Shortcode
Please note, if you are using the Easy Integration shortcode – [uberMenu_easyIntegrate] (normal PHP Easy Integration should not be affected), do not update yet.

I introduced a bug with timthumb in 2.3. If you are using Timthumb, please do not upgrade yet.

I have a fix and have already submitted version (April 12 4PM EDT), and I will update this post when it is approved by CodeCanyon and ready for download. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

Update April 13: Version is now available and safe to upgrade – thanks!

22 thoughts on “UberMenu 2.3 Released & Important Upgrade Notes

  1. I’ve just upgraded UberMenu at my test site (running WP 3.6.1 beta) and found that any images loaded into the menu with previous do not show, just a name of the image. I would not want to upgrade at my main UberMenu site due to this, since that would mean manually updating tens of images in the submenus.
    Any comments or help for this?

    • Hi Matthew,

      My apologies, I introduced a bug in 2.3 regarding the shortcode. I’ve already submitted a patch to CodeCanyon, and am waiting on approval. If you jump over to the Support Forum I’ve put the patched version up there for customers to download.

      Sorry for the trouble!



  2. Hello,
    I am moving my site from to another host server and new domain.
    I deactivated the ubermenu before copying over and it wont install.
    So i deleted it via wp and installed your new and still wont install.
    The ERROR is showing at the top of the plugin wp page:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /home/nbfacoma/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ubermenu/standard/stylegenerator/lessc.inc.php on line 1169

    Your menu is very much needed.


  3. have installed GeoPlaces theme on wordpress 3.5 .. Just learning about wordpress and have very little knowledge as present.. 🙂 Just understood a few days ago you could move the menus by click- hold and move them.. Like idea of your menu as this little mega menu only has three rows… Is yours plug in play and will it work on my theme… Thanks

    • Hi Len,

      Last time I checked, GeoTheme had some issues with the way it called the menu, so there are some edits that need to be made to make it compatible. You’d want to make sure you’re comfortable making these changes if you want to use WordPress with UberMenu 🙂



  4. Hello Chris,

    Can you add on ubermenu.php

    on line 24 :
    //load the text domain
    load_plugin_textdomain( ‘ubermenu’, false, dirname( plugin_basename( __FILE__ ) ) . ‘/languages’ );

    For the next updates to authorise the languages files to work,

    Thanks in advance,

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Fred. I’ve actually already added this in UberMenu, which is currently in the review queue on CodeCanyon 🙂



  5. Hey Chris,

    I recommended ubermenu to my client and he purchased/sent it to me, however he’s not available and I would like to get access to the License so I can join the support forms.. Any other way to access the license or the forms? Thanks!

    • Hi Matt,

      You’ll need to get your client to just send you the purchase code and matching Envato username – that’s the only way to get access 🙂



  6. I’ve been troubleshooting an issue. It is common for us to get pages served in which ubermenu does not have the styling applied. It just looks like a big UL.

    Since we’re using WP Super Cache it’s a matter of tweaking the settings to find the sweet spot where everything works perfect. I enabled debugging for Super Cache and in the log I see this:

    /plugins/ubermenu/standard/styles/images/vanilla_bkg.png 404 file not found not cached

    I went digging to see if this file actually exists, and it does not? However, in bluesilver.css it is being used on about line 73. We have the latest plugin release ( ubermenu ).

    Any suggestions? Will this be updated to include that file?

    Thanks in advance – Jim

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