UberMenu Extensions now available exclusively through sevenspark.com

UberMenu Extensions are now sold through sevenspark.com, and are no longer available on CodeCanyon – don’t worry, though, Envato licenses will still be honored.

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Back in September, Envato enabled “Author Driven Pricing” for WordPress products on CodeCanyon. Coupled with this change, Envato changed their pricing policy adding a new fixed buyer fee. As a result, for inexpensive items like UberMenu extensions, Envato was taking over 70% of the revenue from each sale.

The long and the short of it is that with these new fees, selling inexpensive extensions on Envato is no longer economically viable.

Envato’s suggested solution is to raise prices (now that authors have control over this) to maintain the 70% share after factoring in the fixed fee. However, this would have meant a significant increase and extra burden on customers in order to make continuing to sell on Envato worthwhile.

Instead, UberMenu extensions – UberMenu Sticky Extension, UberMenu Icons Extension, UberMenu Conditionals Extension, and the UberMenu Flat Skins Pack – will now be sold on sevenspark.com. This way prices can remain low for customers, and it’s still economical to sell them inexpensively.

What about UberMenu core?

The core UberMenu plugin is still for sale through CodeCanyon. While Envato is taking slightly more of a cut than they used to, I feel that this is still the best place to provide UberMenu to customers.

What does this mean for new customers?

For new customers, you can now purchase UberMenu Extensions directly from sevenspark.com. All 4 extensions are still available at their most recent price from Envato.

What does this mean for existing customers?

If you are an existing customer who has purchased an UberMenu extension, don’t worry. The extensions are still maintained, your license code is still valid, you will still receive updates (through the WordPress admin), and any support packages purchased with the extensions will be honored.

In short, nothing has changed with your existing purchase, there’s just a new home for the product.

How do I get updates?

Updates will be delivered through the WordPress update system. Just enter your extension license codes in the UberMenu Control Panel > Updates tab.

Note that you will need to be running UberMenu 3.2.6 or later to be able to see these settings.

Do you need fresh download links for the extension files? Please visit the Download Link Generator. You’ll need your purchase codes from CodeCanyon to generate the links.

What if I need more support for an item purchased on Envato and my support has expired?

If you purchased your Extension license through Envato, you’ll no longer be able to renew support there, since the item has been removed. (Note that you can still Submit a Ticket with your existing license and receive support for any remaining support period you have already purchased).

Instead, you can now purchase a license through sevenspark.com, and this will provide a year of support. For comparison, the $8 plugin on CodeCanyon would have cost $7 for 6 additional months of support ($1.16/month) after the support period expired. Your purchase through sevenspark.com will cost $8, but will provide you with an entire year of support rather than just 6 months ($0.67/month). That support can optionally be renewed yearly at an additional 30% discount.

Questions, concerns?

Questions or concerns? Please Submit a Ticket and we’ll get back to you.

An added bonus!

As an added bonus, we’re now able to sell a discounted bundle of all 4 current UberMenu Extensions – save big when purchasing them altogether here: UberMenu Extensions Bundle

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