Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator

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Product Details
WordPress 5.0 or later
Browser Compatibility
Chrome, Firefox
Save time and create exact copies of your WordPress menus using the Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator

Quickly and Easily Create Copies and Backups of your WordPress Menus

Create menu copies to experiment with, duplicate menus to customize for mobile, save menu copies off as backups, and more!

Save time and money

Rebuilding an entire menu can be a tedious process, adding dozens of menu items and recreating every setting. Stop wasting your time and get it done in an instant with the Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator.

Duplicate metadata

Advanced menu systems have menu item metadata that won’t be copied by standard menu duplicators.

Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator copies all registered custom menu item metadata, including that from:

It also works with these plugins to automatically copy over registered widget areas, regenerate custom styles, and menu segments, to make duplicating your menus a one-click process.

Beautiful React Interface

The Menu Duplicator is a single page React app that communicates with your server via the REST API. This means no waiting for page refreshes, more performant menu copies, and AJAX-driven processes with real-time feedback as your duplication process executes.

Carbon Copy WordPress Menu Duplicator Interface

Convenient and Simple

Initiate a copy from the Appearance > Menus screen or select the menu you want to duplicate through the Duplicator app interface. Give your new menu a name, click the button, and the Duplicator does the rest.

Important Notes

  • Please note that this plugin creates a duplicate of a menu on the same WordPress installation, it does not provide import/export capabilities
  • When a menu is duplicated, all menu content will be copied, but the menu and menu item IDs will change, as IDs must be unique. Keep this in mind when using IDs to style your menu items or control them with filters