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Here are some tips on using the Menu Management Enhancer. Please take a minute to read through this manual before contacting me directly. If you find your question is not answered after reading the support guide, please post a question in the Support Forum. Please use the account you used to purchase the plugin and describe the means you’ve attempted to solve the problem when you contact me. Thanks! Overview Menu Management Enhancer for WordPress adds enhanced features to the backend of the WordPress Menu System (that’s the page in Appearance > Menus where you build your menu). Manage large numbers of menu items with ease Expand and collapse the menu tree to save space Quickly jump to any top level menu item Enhanced drag & drop jump-to-item feature


Requirements 0

WordPress 3.5+ jQuery 1.8.2 (comes with WordPress 3.5) Use of the WordPress 3 Navigation Menu System Use of a modern browser, like Firefox or Chrome.


Installation & Setup 0

Upload via WordPress Control Panel Log into WordPress and navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Select the .zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon and click Install Now Enter your FTP information if necessary and install the plugin Activate the plugin Alternatively, upload via FTP Decompress the .zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon. Upload the menu-management-enhancer folder to your wp-content/plugins directory. Navigate to your Control Panel: Plugins Under Menu Management Enhancer, click Activate


Tools & Features 0

All options are available in Appearance > Menus Menu Item Expandos Expand and contract the submenu items in this item’s tree. Subtree Display This display shows the number of children a menu item has at a glance. Hover over it to reveal the total number of descendents (in the tooltip). Highlights The highlighter highlights the submenu tree for this item. Hover over it to reveal the highlight. This allows you to see the extent of this item’s tree at a glance. Scroll Indicator The scroll indicator has a “sausage” section for each top level menu item. Hover over each section to see the name and ID of the menu item to which it corresponds. Click a section to scroll that menu item into view. Shift + Hover over a section to scroll that menu item into view (very useful when dragging menu items over long distances). Expand/Collapse All Expands or collapses all menu items (current state of individual menu items is ignored) Toggle Menu IDs Display the ID of the LI element for each menu item. These IDs are present on the front-end and are useful for styling. Toggle Descriptions Quickly toggle Descriptions on and off to save space. This is the same as clicking in the Description checkbox in the Screen Options, just more convenient. Toggle Scroller Width Sometimes it’s just easier to have a wider scroller for easier clicking/hovering Hints Toggle Tooltip hints on and off. Hover over a hint to highlight it. Explains everything above in-browser so you don’t really even need this doc. Remember Collapse/Expand State As of version 1.1, the menu enhancer will remember the expand/collapse state of each of your menu items. To reset the states, simply click the Expand/Collapse All ⇑ button once or twice to expand/collapse all items.