Included Shortcodes

Google Maps 3

The UberMenu Google Maps shortcode allows you to insert geocoded map locations into your menu. To use Google Maps you need to include the API, which can be done by enabling Load Google Maps in Appearance > UberMenu > Descriptions, Shortcodes, Widgets This map will automatically be recentered when the submenu is opened. Shortcode format Map shortcode parameters lat The latitude of the coordinates to show on the map. This will load immediately. 40.4166909 lng The longitude of the coordinates to show on the map. This will load immediately. -3.7003454 address This address is optional and will be geocoded and displayed – it sends an extra request to do this, so if the geocode fails the original lat and long coordinates will be displayed. 5 Calle de Sevilla, Madrid, Spain zoom The level to which the map should be zoomed to begin with. 15 title The text to display when hovering over the map marker. Agility, Inc width Width of the map. Defaults to 100%. 200px height Height of the map. Defaults to 200px. 200px Other Notes Twenty Eleven breaks embedded Google Maps


Search Bar 5

How to add a search bar menu item, and best practices for customizing the form.


Blog Post List 2

The recent posts shortcode allows you to show a number of recent posts and supports featured images. Shortcode Format Recent Posts Shortcode attributes num Sets the number of posts to display. img Turn featured image display on or off. excerpt Turn the post excerpt on or off. category Set the category from which to pull posts. Use the category slug or ID. offset Post offset – number of posts to pass over img_width Width of the images (since img_height Height of the images (since