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Javascript API Events 2

ubermenuopen Fires upon completion of a submenu show animation. Example (jQuery 1.7+) Example (jQuery 1.6) ubermenuclose Fires upon completion of a submenu hide animation.


Javascript API Functions 2

Pass the top level menu item ID selector (e.g. ‘#menu-item-15’) to control the submenus. uberMenu_openMega( id ) Opens a mega submenu Example uberMenu_openFlyout( id ) Opens a flyout menu uberMenu_close( id ) Closes a submenu


Javascript API Examples 2

These are example functions for using the UberMenu API; using such code is considered a customization and is outside the scope of support Adding Custom Javascript Open a specific submenu based on an external event In this example we open the submenu of menu item #15 when clicking on a special button with the id ‘my_special_button’ Open the current menu item’s submenu on page load This function will open the submenu of the current menu item Turn a single menu item from a hover to a click trigger In this example we’ll turn menu item #21 into a click instead of hover menu item.