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    Chris Mavricos


    Hello everyone and welcome to the brand new SevenSpark Support Center!

    I’ve created this new forum to better serve customer needs, with a variety of new features, including:

    • Ability to subscribe to topics & be notified via email
    • Ability to bookmark topics
    • Easier forum registration
    • Easier to post URLs
    • Easier to submit private information
    • And a variety of other tweaks that make this new forum far superior to the old one

    For existing customers, I’ve done my best to make the transition as easy as possible. All existing users have been imported into the new system, along with their purchase codes. You should be able to log in with your existing username and password and automatically have access to the forums you need. But if you run into trouble, just re-authenticate your purchase code and you should be good to go.

    The old forum will remain open for a week or two during this transition, but new registrations will be suspended. After that period, all users will need to use the new forum; but the old forum will remain intact for the time being as a resource.

    If you run into any issues, you can email me via my Contact Forum

    Enjoy the new forum!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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