UberMenu does not appear

UberMenu replaces the existing menu by targeting a theme_location on a specific wp_nav_menu call. Because we're injecting the menu markup into the middle of a theme template, the theme's CSS, javascript, and PHP code can affect the rendering of the menu.
5 Potential Diagnoses

Theme Location is not activated 32 [ + ]

UberMenu setup requires you to select which Theme Location to target and turn into an UberMenu in Appearance > Menus. If you do not select a Theme Location, UberMenu will not be applied to any menu on the site.

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Theme’s wp_nav_menu call does not use the theme_location parameter 6 [ + ]

The wp_nav_menu() call in the theme MUST use the theme_location parameter for UberMenu to be applied to that menu.

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wp_nav_menu call uses ‘menu’ parameter 4 [ + ]

If a theme’s wp_nav_menu() call uses the menu parameter, the critical theme_location parameter will be ignored – and therefore UberMenu cannot target the menu.

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wp_nav_menu is called twice with the same theme_location parameter (UberMenu 2) 23 [ + ]

Some themes call wp_nav_menu twice with the same theme_location parameter – doing so may have strange results.

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wp_nav_menu output is filtered or manipulated by theme 3 [ + ]

Some themes will manipulate the UberMenu output in a non-standard way, resulting in breaking the menu style, layout, and functionality, as the markup is not as expected.

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