WordPress Mega Menu Plugin Announcement

Here’s a sneak peek of my new WordPress mega menu plugin, UberMenu, which will be released in the next few days.

It’s been in development for a month and a half, and I’ve added all sorts of great features that makes it super easy to create fantastic looking mega menus in WordPress. It even integrates directly with the WordPress 3 Menu Management System, so you don’t have to change any code to use it. It’ll work out of the box with any theme that supports the WordPress 3 Menu System (calls add_theme_support('menus') and has at least one registered menu area).

Here are a few of the features:

  • Works with WordPress 3 Menu System
  • 10 Preset Styles included
  • Great Control Panel options for customization and configuration
  • Create your own styles easily with the Style Generator
  • Add descriptions and images right from the WordPress Menus panel
  • Supports both horizontal and vertical menu styles
  • Includes both Fade and Slide effects
  • Choose from click or hover submenu triggers
  • UberMenu is fully widgetized, so adding non-link content to your mega menu is as easy as dragging and dropping a widget
  • If widgets can’t take care of your needs, UberMenu also supports shortcode content, so the menu content is fully customizable

And more! Check out the UberMenu Demo Site to find out more, and look for UberMenu to be released in the next couple of days.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Mega Menu Plugin Announcement

    • Thanks for your comment! While “mega menu” has 14,800 monthly global searches, “mega drop down” only has 6,600 according to Google Keyword Tool – that’s why I went with what I did 🙂

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for your comment, unfortunately I’m currently swamped with freelance work and won’t have time to set it up immediately – possibly in 2 weeks or so. If you need it done sooner I’d recommend trying http://freelanceswitch.com

      If you’d still like help with it in a few weeks, please shoot me an email through my CodeCanyon Contact Form



  1. I would like to build
    ubermenus from my blog Uberrealty.info (wordpress) to my search page. uberrealty.com can the menu items be links to a search site?

    • UberMenu supports all types of links that you can add to the WordPress 3 Menu System, including Custom Links which would allow you to link to any URL. In addition, it offers widget capability and content overrides, which would allow you to place virtually any content in the menu.

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