UberMenu 2.4 Update Announcement

UberMenu 2.4 is here! It offers a few new features and tweaks.

Common Questions

Is it backwards compatible?

Yes, it’s backwards compatible. Installing this update won’t change any of your settings or require you to redo everything.

How do I update?

In short, back up any custom files and overwrite the old files on your server with the new ones in the download package. There are no special update instructions for this version.

For a complete walkthrough, see Knowledgebase: Installing Updates

Where do I get the latest version?

The latest version of UberMenu is always available through your CodeCanyon Downloads Page.

New Features

Here are some new features in UberMenu 2.4

Improved Android and Windows 8 Touch handling

UberMenu 2.4 takes a big step toward unifying the touch interface for all devices. Android and Windows 8 touch devices now work more like iOS devices – the first tap on a menu item opens its submenu, and the second will follow the link.

New Media Uploader

UberMenu 2.4 integrates the latest WordPress media uploader so that selecting images is even easier than before. Drag and Drop your images to upload, and just click “Select” to set your image.

HTML now allowed in Descriptions

You can now place HTML markup right in your descriptions box, increasing the flexibility of your menu styles.

Search the Knowledgebase from the Control Panel

You can now search the Knowledgebase straight from the Control Panel, making it even easier to find the article relevant to your question without leaving your admin screen.

WordPress 3.8 Compatibility

UberMenu 2.3 already ran properly on WordPress 3.8, but UberMenu 2.4 adds a few extra tweaks to make it even more seamless.

Various other tweaks and minor browser bug fixes also come with this release, so I recommend upgrading to take advantage of this new version.

Enjoy UberMenu 2.4!

2 thoughts on “UberMenu 2.4 Update Announcement

  1. How well does the Mega Menu support additional levels? You show 3 (2 levels on the actual menu), Will it support one more? I could not find that info on the site. Thank you.

    • Hi EG,

      Flyout menus support unlimited submenus.

      Mega menus can have unlimited levels, but only the first submenu will expand; all others will be visible within the submenu. However, flyout menus are something I intend to add in the next major release.



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