How to use the Support Forum

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To access the support forum, you must create an account, log in, and then authorize your purchase code for each product forum you wish to access.


1. Click the register button

Go to the Support Forum and click the red Register button on the right.

2. Fill out the registration form

It’s best to use your Envato username so it’s easy to remember.

Click Register

3. Return to the Support Forum

If you are not already in the forum, click the link to visit to the Support Forum

Login to the forum

Once you’ve registered, you should be logged in automatically. If not, continue to log in:

1. Click the blue Login button

2. Log in

Log in with the credentials you created when you registered. You will be returned to the Support Forum

Authenticate your purchase codes

To access a specific forum, you must authenticate your purchase code for the relevant product.

1. Click on the forum relevant to the product you wish to access

Note that add-ons/extensions for a particular product have their own sub forums, which require independent purchase code authentication.

2. Verify your license

You will be brought to the Envato License Verification screen. Enter your purchase code for the product relevant to the forum you are accessing. Follow the instructions on the page for how to find your purchase code if you are unsure.

Find your solution

1. Check the resources

Before posting a topic, please be sure to check:

  1. The support guide
  2. Video tutorials
  3. Troubleshooters
  4. Customization assistant

Available resources will be listed in the right sidebar for that product.

2. Search the forum

Use the search bar at the top of each forum to search for topics that may already answer your question

3. Post a new topic

If your question isn’t answered in the support materials or the forum, post a new topic. The new topic form is at the bottom of the forum topics list – or click the button on the right to scroll to it.

Note the fields:

  • Topic Title – give your topic a short title that describes your issue. Do not use generic titles like “Problem”, as these will not help other customers
  • Your Site URL – provide a URL where the issue you need help with can be seen and investigated. If we can’t see the website firsthand, we probably can’t determine the problem
  • Enter your question in the main topic textarea
  • Topic Tags – tag your post with a comma separated list of relevant keywords. If you’re not sure, leave it blank
  • Check Notify my of follow up replies via email
  • Leave this is a support topic checked if you are asking a question which requires an answer. Uncheck it this is feedback or a feature request

Click Submit to post your topic. You can expect a response during normal support hours within 24 hours Monday – Friday, usually much sooner.