Why do I have to register multiple license codes?

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Thank you so much for your business! Registering your purchase codes on this site is the only way for me to verify licenses – I know it is a bit inconvenient, but I kindly request that you register each purchase code you have for all SevenSpark products in order to receive support – thank you!

If you are using a product, for example, UberMenu, on multiple sites, please register your purchase code for each license of UberMenu you have purchased – one license per site.

Short Version

  • You must purchase one license for each site you use a product on
  • In order to receive support, please register a purchase code in this support forum for each site for which you request support
  • You can register your new license code in the sidebar of the forum page

  1. Licenses are single-use
  2. How to verify additional license codes
  3. How to find your license code

CodeCanyon and ThemeForest Licenses are Single Use

Your purchase from CodeCanyon or ThemeForest entitles you to a single use of your purchase. If you wish to use the product on multiple sites, you need to purchase multiple licenses – one license per site. This is made clear when you are purchasing:

Next to the Purchase Button

In the License Terms

2.You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client (a “single application”)

UberMenu users are reminded when the plugin is installed as well

Please note that your single-use license also enables you to have a development version of your site, covered by a single license. For example, if your site is kittens.com and you have a local version of kittens.com that you use for development, you only need one license to run both instances. If you have kittens.com and puppies.com, that requires two licenses.

If you’re already using the product on multiple sites

Don’t worry, just go ahead and purchase the proper number of licenses now.

Receiving Support

You can only receive support for your sites up to the number of licenses you have registered in the forum. So if you register one license code, we can only assist with one site. For support on a second site, you’ll need to register a second license code, to verify that the proper number of licenses have been purchased. Thank you!

Unfortunately, if you abuse the system by requesting support for sites for which you have not purchased a license, your support privileges may be revoked.

Registering additional license codes

Registering additional license codes is simple, just paste your purchase code in the Verify another license box in the sidebar of the forum.

You can review your registered licenses by clicking the “My Licenses” button in the right sidebar of the forum.

How to find your license/purchase code

Each time you purchase a product, you get a unique license code. Here is how you can find them:

1. Click “Downloads”
Downloads menu

2. Download License Certificate

License Certificate Link

3. Copy Purchase Code

License Certificate