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This is the UberMenu 2 Knowledgebase – are you using UberMenu 3? Please be sure to refer to the UberMenu 3 Knowledgebase


Everything you could possibly want to know about UberMenu – get instant answers.

Video Tutorials

Step-by-step walk throughs installing and building the entire UberMenu demo menu

Troubleshooting Guide

Having a menu malfunction? The Troubleshooter will walk you through identifying and resolving the issue

Customization Assistant

This interactive tool will help you find the the selectors you need to customize your menu style.

Support Forum

So you’ve checked all the other resources but you’re stuck? Time to post over in the support forum


The documentation/support guide contains everything you’ll need to know about UberMenu’s features, and should be your first stop for any questions you have regarding functionality. You can navigate the docs by clicking the menu on the left sidebar.