UberMenu Direct

If you intend to insert UberMenu directly into your theme as your primary menu, so that it won’t need to be activated as an UberMenu in Appearance > Menus, you can do so using the uberMenu_direct function. It is best practice to check for the function’s existence in case the plugin is disabled.

This assumes you have already registered a theme location. Replace 'primary' with the name of your theme location ID.

if( function_exists( 'uberMenu_direct' ) ){
  uberMenu_direct( 'primary' ); 

You can also use the uberMenu_direct shortcode.

[uberMenu_direct theme_location="primary"]

If you do not already have a theme location to use, you can enable UberMenu Easy Integration in the Control Panel, and then pass 'ubermenu' as your theme location.

If you need to register new theme locations without adding code, you can check out the Menu Swapper plugin.

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