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DynamiX creates residual styling (see also: residual styling troubleshooting guide) and residual scripting based on its #nv-tabs element.

Since the theme’s wp_nav_menu call doesn’t appear in a standard WordPress template, we adjusting the child theme gets slightly more complicated:

1. Create a child theme for DynamiX. The style.css would look like this:

Theme Name: DynamiX Child Theme
Theme URI: http://themeva.com
Author: themeva
Version: 1.0
Template: DynamiX
Description: DynamiX WordPress Child Theme
Author URI: http://themeva.com
License: GNU General Public License
License URI: license.txt

2. Copy header.php into the child theme

3. Create an /inc folder in the child theme

4. Copy the parent theme’s lib/inc/config-header.php file into the child theme’s /inc directory

5. Edit the child theme’s config-header.php to remove the nv-tabs element (both open and close nav tags)

<nav id="nv-tabs" class="static <?php echo $NV_menu_alignment; ?>">

(around line 269)

6. Remove this PHP from the config-header.php file to prevent a duplicate responsive menu

if( of_get_option('mobile_menu') != 'select' )

and/or switch your theme’s responsive menu setting to ‘Select’

7. Edit the child theme’s header.php to include the child theme’s config-header.php instead

require "inc/config-header.php";

(around line 196)

8. Activate the child theme

9. Re-assign and re-activate your theme location

This should remove the residual styling and scripting from the theme. You may wish to align your menu to the right as well, as this will move it below the logo.