How to change the font of the menu

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Font Family

By default, the menu will inherit the font from your theme. You can change the font via custom CSS:

#megaMenu ul.megaMenu,
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu, 
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu a, 
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu, 
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu .widget, 
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu p{
    font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

Font Size

To change the font size, grab one of the selectors from the customizer and set the font-size property. For the top level:

/* Top Level Items */
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu > > a, 
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu > > {
  font-size: 12px;

Font Uppercase/lowercase

To change the font to uppercase or lowercase, you use the text-transform CSS property

/* Set top level transform to 'none' or 'uppercase' */
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu > > a span.wpmega-link-title, 
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu > > span.wpmega-link-title{
  text-transform:none;	/* uppercase */

Font Weight

#megaMenu ul.megaMenu > a,
#megaMenu ul.megaMenu >{

Or target a specific level with the Customization Assistant

Style Generator

If you are using the Style Generator, you can set the font size via the settings in the Style Generator options panel. But keep in mind that these styles only apply if you have set your Style Application to Style Generator; they will not augment a preset.

Skins Pack

Note if you are using a skins pack, you may need to further qualify your CSS selector to apply your style, for example:

#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu > > a, 
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu > > {
  font-size: 14px;
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu,
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu, 
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu a, 
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu, 
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu a span, 
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu span, 
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu .widget, 
#megaMenu.wpmega-preset-flat-blue ul.megaMenu p{
    font-family: Georgia, serif;