Is there a non-WordPress version?

No. Or at least not yet. UberMenu is exclusively for WordPress currently.

Can I use it on a non-WordPress site?

In theory, yes. But it is a customization you will take on that we can’t assist with.


Legally, your purchase of a single regular license will allow you to use UberMenu on a single site – whether that site is WordPress or not is irrelevant. So there is no issue there as long as you follow the licensing terms (single site, no redistribution, etc).


Since UberMenu just uses WordPress to produce HTML, CSS, and JS served to the user, these generated assets are able to be used on any site. However, extracting those assets and adapting them to non-WordPress sites is not necessarily straightforward or simple. Whether or not you can accomplish this successfully will depend on your own skill as a developer. It’s not a project I recommend undertaking for the casual WordPress user.

Support and Guidance

There is no support provided for using UberMenu outside of its intended environment – WordPress. We cannot assist with integration into non-WordPress sites.

As general advice/guidance – I would suggest setting up a WordPress site, allowing the menu to generate your HTML markup, then copying the HTML, JS, and CSS to your non-WordPress site and customizing from there. Note you’d have a lot of WordPress-specific stuff in there, so this isn’t necessarily recommended.

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