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To use UberMenu with PageLines DMS, I’ve created a custom section that you can install via a plugin

1. Install the UberMenu Adapter plugin from the PageLines DMS Store

2. Activate the plugin

3. Enable the UberMenu Easy Integration option in your UberMenu Control Panel

UberMenu 3

UberMenu 2

4. In Appearance > Menus, set a menu in the UberMenu [Easy Integration] theme location.

5. Drag the UberMenu section into your layout to add UberMenu to your site.

Old Instructions

If you are not using the version available in the PageLines store, you can download it here and install it as a section. Steps 1 and 2 would look like this:

1. Download the UberMenu Navigation Adapter Section

2. Unzip the section and upload the ubernav folder into your /sections directory