Pure CSS Menus

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UberMenu 2

UberMenu can function as a pure CSS menu – meaning, without an javascript. You can disable jQuery Enhancements if you wish in the UberMenu Control Panel under Basic Configuration

There are some important things to note about using Pure CSS menus:

1. All mega submenus will be full width

This is because without javascript, the submenu can’t be centered. Therefore, it need to be expanded full width so that it is always guaranteed to overlap its parent menu item to allow for the submenu to be selected.

2. There will be no transition effect

Transitions are javascript-only

3. The only trigger is hover

Click and hoverIntent triggers are only available via javascript.

4. No Maps

The Google Maps API is engaged using jQuery. Without loading the script, you’d need to write your own javascript to use maps.

5. Mobile Devices

Not all mobile devices map touch events to CSS hover events in the same way, so user experience may not be as consistent across devices without javascript enabled.