Upgrading from 1.1.x to 2.x

Please review the following notes on upgrading

  1. It is recommended to test on UberMenu 2.0 in a test environment and not on a live production site.
  2. Please back up your WordPress installation before installing so that you may revert easily if you do not like the changes.
  3. Both UberMenu Settings and individual menu item settings should be intact
  4. As the structural CSS has been modified, customizations may no longer appear as desired and may require modification
  5. If you have used the Style Generator, styles may no longer apply as desired. If you want to keep your old styles, you should make a copy of the CSS output, as they will not transfer – you can paste this CSS in the custom.css file if you wish to continue using this skin.

Installing the 2.0 update

  1. Backup your old UberMenu directory – to be safe, you should back up your entire WordPress installation, including database
  2. Deactivate UberMenu in the Plugins panel
  3. Delete the old UberMenu directory, wp-uber-menu. You will likely encounter errors if you try to install the new version without deleting this version first.
  4. Install UberMenu 2.0 as a normal WordPress plugin (the new directory is just ‘ubermenu’)
  5. Note that if you are using Timthumb and your images are not appearing, you may need to make the directory writable, even if you have done so previously.

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