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Customizing UberMenu 0

¡IMPORTANT! Any time you want to customize UberMenu’s look and feel, you should use these techniques. NEVER edit the core files, or you will make upgrades very difficult for yourself. Make all customizations within the /custom directory or else within a child theme. UberMenu’s skin system makes it easy to create your own styles, using either the Style Generator or a custom CSS file. Customizing UberMenu Docs


Custom Tweaks 1

Need to add just a few lines of CSS to tweak your menu? Just insert it in the textarea under Style Configuration > Custom CSS Tweaks, and it’ll automatically be added to your site <head>.


Customization Assistant 1

The customization assistant will allow you to click on an item in a sample menu and see potential style selectors to customize that type of item.


Adding Custom Javascript 0

As of UberMenu 2.3, you can turn on a custom javascript file in you UberMenu Control Panel just like with the custom CSS file. Activate it under Advanced Settings > Include Custom Javascript. This will automatically include the custom/custom.js file. Now rename custom-sample.js (found in the /custom folder) to custom.js and add your javascript to the file.