Internet Explorer display problem

There is a display issue, specifically in a version of Internet Explorer (IE).
6 Potential Diagnoses

Internet Explorer stylesheet limit reached 47 [ + ]

Internet Explorer can only load 31 stylesheets per page. If your theme or another plugin is loading a large number of stylesheets, and the limit is reached before UberMenu’s stylesheets are loaded, UberMenu’s styles will not appear at all in Internet Explorer, because IE has ignored those stylesheets entirely.

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HTML5 Nav Element (menu displayed as unstyled list) 16 [ + ]

If the menu is printed in HTML5 mode, IE will require something like the HTML5 shiv to properly render HTML5 elements; older versions do not support HTML5 elements out of the box.

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Invalid doctype 5 [ + ]

If the doctype cannot be properly interpreted by IE, IE will revert to Quirks mode, which will essentially display the site as IE6. The document must have a valid doctype, and it must be the first line in the file.

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HTML Syntax Errors (half-rendered menu) 14 [ + ]

If you have an HTML syntax error in your menu (generally introduced via a widget or a content override), IE may seem to stop rendering the menu half way through (at the point of the error), leaving the remainder of the menu unstyled.

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IE7/IE8 z-index 12 [ + ]

If your submenu is hidden or partially obstructed in IE only, it’s likely that you have a z-index issue manifesting only in Internet Explorer. See z-index

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Submenus hidden in Internet Explorer with Filter Gradient 23 [ + ]

You can NOT use IE gradient filters on your menu bar. If you add an IE filter to your menu bar in order to create a gradient, IE will automatically treat that element as overflow:hidden, no matter what CSS settings you change. This effectively chops off the submenu and prevents it from displaying.

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