Menu items completely unstyled

The menu items are present, but they are not styled at all like a menu - they just display as an unordered list.
Parent Symptom: Styles don't look like the demo
4 Potential Diagnoses

UberMenu stylesheets not loaded 6 [ + ]

If a WordPress theme does not include the required hooks (wp_head), UberMenu can’t load its stylesheets, so the menu won’t be styled.

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Internet Explorer stylesheet limit reached 47 [ + ]

Internet Explorer can only load 31 stylesheets per page. If your theme or another plugin is loading a large number of stylesheets, and the limit is reached before UberMenu’s stylesheets are loaded, UberMenu’s styles will not appear at all in Internet Explorer, because IE has ignored those stylesheets entirely.

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UberMenu stylesheets disabled 5 [ + ]

If the basic.css file has been disabled in the Control Panel, the menu will not function properly if the styles have not been included elsewhere.

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Menu Item Classes have been stripped 7 [ + ]

Sometimes, a theme or plugin will use a filter to strip out the standard WordPress menu item classes like menu-item. When these are removed, UberMenu’s styles, which rely on these classes, cannot be applied. Themes and plugins should never remove core functionality.

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