• There are no more specific symptoms for "Styles present but not like demo"

Potential Diagnosis

  • Residual styling from the theme is affecting the menu display

    If your theme’s menu styles are based on a hard-coded element wrapping the menu, those styles will still apply after replacing the menu markup, and will conflict and negatively impact the style and functionality of the menu.

  • Residual scripting from the theme

    Some themes’ menu javascript will still affect the menu even after UberMenu has replaced the default menu. As a result, UberMenu can appear distorted, the styles can be incorrect, extra markup may be added, and the functionality may break.

  • Menu Item Classes have been stripped

    Sometimes, a theme or plugin will use a filter to strip out the standard WordPress menu item classes like menu-item. When these are removed, UberMenu’s styles, which rely on these classes, cannot be applied. Themes and plugins should never remove core functionality.