Submenus (dropdowns) not displaying

The submenus are not appearing when the top level menu item is activated (hover or click).
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Javascript error (1) [ + ]

Any javascript error can prevent UberMenu's javascript from running, resulting in the submenu not opening. Javascript errors are displayed in your browser's javascript console.

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Submenu partially obstructed (3) [ + ]

The submenu can be seen to open, but part of it is hidden behind other elements of the site.

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Submenus display but third level menu items are hidden (1) [ + ]

The submenus open, but the third level menu items remain hidden until hovering over their parent second level menu items.

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8 Potential Diagnoses

jQuery version incorrect 343 [ + ]

UberMenu 3.0 requires jQuery 1.11.1 or higher (but less than jQuery v2), which should automatically be included with WordPress 3.9 or higher. If your theme or another plugin has changed the jQuery version, that can cause javascript errors that can break the menu as well as other javascript component on your site.

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overflow:hidden; (submenu truncated by theme CSS) 55 [ + ]

If the theme is setting overflow:hidden on one of UberMenu’s ancestor elements, it can effectively cut off the submenus, either partially or from displaying at all.

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z-index (submenu hidden behind content) 132 [ + ]

When HTML elements overlap on the page, they have to be layered – one element has to be in front of, and the other behind on the z-axis. The element on the bottom may be hidden by the element on top. If UberMenu appears below other elements on your page, it means you need to set the z-index appropriately for adjacent containers. Most of the time, the containers to be adjusted are part of your theme and your CSS style won’t include any UberMenu selectors.

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Residual styling from the theme is affecting the menu display 22 [ + ]

If your theme’s menu styles are based on a hard-coded element wrapping the menu, those styles will still apply after replacing the menu markup, and will conflict and negatively impact the style and functionality of the menu.

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Flash object obstructing menu / submenu 10 [ + ]

Because Flash objects are always layered above all other HTML elements, if they overlap with your submenu, the submenu will be partially obstructed.

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Unrelated javascript error 45 [ + ]

If another plugin or your theme throws a javascript error before UberMenu’s javascript has been executed, it will prevent UberMenu from functioning properly, including submenu positioning, click events, responsive menu toggling, and more.

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Submenus hidden in Internet Explorer with Filter Gradient 23 [ + ]

You can NOT use IE gradient filters on your menu bar. If you add an IE filter to your menu bar in order to create a gradient, IE will automatically treat that element as overflow:hidden, no matter what CSS settings you change. This effectively chops off the submenu and prevents it from displaying.

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Residual scripting from the theme 53 [ + ]

Some themes’ menu javascript will still affect the menu even after UberMenu has replaced the default menu. As a result, UberMenu can appear distorted, the styles can be incorrect, extra markup may be added, and the functionality may break.

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