UberMenu 3.2.2 Release Notes

UberMenu 3.2.2 was released on December 8, 2015. This was a minor feature update release.

Questions about updating? Check out the Update FAQs and be sure to follow the Installing Updates guide

Responsive Images

The most interesting new feature with UberMenu 3.2.2 is support for WordPress’s new Responsive Images functionality. This means that when you upload an image for UberMenu, those images will automatically get the srcset and sizes attributes so that compatible browsers will pull the most appropriate size image from the server.

The upshot is that you’ll save bandwidth for mobile users, and get higher resolution images for your users with larger screens.

Automatic Updates (beta)

Automatic update capability shipped with 3.2.1, but with this update it’s the first time users will actually be able to test this functionality. The feature is disabled by default, but to enable it for beta testing you can set a constant in the wp-config.php. Check out Automatic Updates (Beta) for more details.

New Settings

A variety of new settings were added to give additional control when configuring the menu, including a submenu minimum height, disabling UberMenu when mobile devices are detected, disabling top level item dividers, and automatically collapsing the mobile menu after following a ScrollTo link.

WordPress 4.4 Updates

WordPress 4.4 changed some admin screen styles, so UberMenu 3.2.2 has been updated to work with these new admin styles and set the appropriate header tags. The new nav_menu_items_arg filter has also been added, though it is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting UBERMENU_ALLOW_NAV_MENU_ITEM_ARGS_FILTER to true in wp-config.php

Enhancements & Fixes

A variety of tweaks have also been made to improve user experience. The sensor parameter has been removed from the Google Maps API as it is no longer required. Font Awesome has been update to the latest release, 4.5.0. If settings fail to load in the Menus Panel due to interference from a theme or another plugin, the settings panel output and/or console will attempt to display helpful troubleshooting messages for the user.

A few minor bugs have also been squashed, including a clipping issue with multi-level left-expanding flyout submenus, and submenu overlap on mobile with vertical-oriented menus with flyout submenus in particular positions.