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You should always run a complete backup of your site before running any updates.

Enabling Automatic Updates

Enter your purchase code

To enable automatic updates, go to your UberMenu Control Panel > Updates tab > Account Info and enter your CodeCanyon username and purchase code.

Where do I find my purchase code?

I am running UberMenu version 3.2.3 or earlier

The system will now check for updates periodically, and you’ll be alerted through the standard WordPress update system when an update is available.

UberMenu Automatic Updates on plugin screen

Site Backup & Staging

It bears repeating, you should always backup your site before running any type of update. It’s also best practice to test running updates on a staging server before pushing those changes live.

Custom Asset Backup (optional)

If you are using custom Javascript or CSS files in the /custom directory, UberMenu can automatically back these up and restore them when you update. (If you are not using these files, you can ignore this). Please check the Automatic Backup Status in your Control Panel > Updates tab to make sure you don’t see any errors.

If you see an error message, the system may not be able to automatically backup and restore your files, so you’ll need to do this manually.

Updates for UberMenu for 3.2.3 or earlier

Click to expand for instructions if you’re using an older version of the plugin.

Note if you are using UberMenu 3.2.4 or later, automatic updates are enabled by default, you just need to activate your license through the Updates tab. It is still always a good idea to take a backup before installing any updates on your WordPress site

High Level Overview

Here’s the quick rundown of the steps to update – more details in the sections below.

1. Check your version.

UberMenu VersionAutomatic Update Status
< 3.2.1Not available (alerts only)
3.2.1-3.2.3Available via beta testing
3.2.4+Available by default

2. Backup your site.

3. Custom Asset Backup. Double check that any custom assets (custom.js and custom.css) within the UberMenu plugin folder are backed up via the Control Panel > Updates tab.

4. Purchase Code. Enter your purchase code in the Control Panel > Updates tab if you haven’t already

5. Enable beta updates. If you are running 3.2.1-3.2.3, drop the constant define( 'UBERMENU_AUTO_UPDATES' , 1 ); into your wp-config.php if you haven’t already. Skip if running 3.2.4 or later

6. Run updates. Check for updates and update as usual.

This video tutorial will walk you through the more detailed steps below, including beta testing steps for those running version 3.2.1-3.2.3.

1. UberMenu Version

UberMenu automatic updates were added as of UberMenu 3.2.1. If you are running any version older than this, you will need to update manually. Please see Installing Updates

If you are using UberMenu version 3.2.4 or later, you can skip step 5, as automatic updates are no longer in beta testing.

2. Run a backup

First run a complete backup of your site, just to be safe. It’s always important to back up your site before running any updates, so don’t skip this step.

3. Check your custom assets

Check your custom assets backup in the UberMenu Control Panel > Updates. UberMenu will automatically backup custom.css and custom.js. If you have other custom files that you have created, be sure to back those up manually.

If you are not using any custom assets (custom.js or custom.css), you can ignore this.

If your status looks like this:

then your files may not be backed up. Please be sure to back them up manually.

If your status looks like this:

then UberMenu has backed up your files, and will attempt to restore them after the update. It’s still a good idea to back them up just in case.

4. Enter your purchase code

To receive update alerts and automatic updates, you need to enter a valid purchase code and username in the Updates tab of the UberMenu Control Panel. (If you’re already getting update alerts, you’ve already completed this step and can move on to the next one)

5. Enable Automatic Updates

If you are running UberMenu 3.2.4 or later, you can skip this step

By default, automatic updates are disabled while we are beta testing (versions 3.2.1 – 3.2.3) . To enable automatic updates, add this line of code in your wp-config.php

define( 'UBERMENU_AUTO_UPDATES' , 1 );

(add it before the line that reads /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */)

6. Check for updates

Next time your site checks for updates, it should show that you can now updated UberMenu automatically. Follow the normal update process to proceed with updating to the latest version of UberMenu.

To force an update check, you can click “Check for Updates” beside UberMenu in the Plugins screen.