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UberMenu 3

This filter allows you to manipulate the HTML output after a list of dynamic terms items.

Here’s an example that injects a link with the text “Hello World” at the end of each dynamic terms set.

add_filter( 'ubermenu_dt_after' , 'um_dt_after' , 10 , 3 );
function um_dt_after( $html , $item_id , $term_args ){

  $html.= '<li class="ubermenu-item ubermenu-item-normal"><a class="ubermenu-target" href="https://google.com">Hello World</a></li>';

  return $html;


Your registered callback will be called once per Dynamic Terms item. The content that you return will be displayed as at the end of the dynamic terms results. You have access to the ID of the Dynamic Terms item and the query arguments for the dynamic terms query.

The HTML markup to display after the dynamic terms list. You can append to or override this.
This is the ID of the Dynamic Terms menu item. It can be used to conditionally apply this filter only to a specific set of dynamic terms.
This is an array of arguments passed to the get_terms() query as configured in your Dynamic Terms menu item settings.