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Are you looking just to change individual menu items on a specific page, or within a specific category? Check out the UberMenu Conditionals Extension

Target Specific Pages (Menu Swapper)

To easily swap out different menus on specific pages, you can use our free Menu Swapper plugin. This plugin allows you to register new theme locations and then change out the theme location on any Page, Post, or Custom Post Type in WordPress (it won’t help on archive or taxonomy pages), without having to write any code.

For example, let’s say you use your “Main Menu” as the primary navigation menu on every page on your site. But on a landing page, you want a different set of menu items to appear, which are specific to that page. You would assign the “Main Menu” to your Primary theme location. Then on your landing page, you would configure the Menu Swapper to replace the menu in the Primary theme location with your special menu instead.

Get the Menu Swapper

Target sections of a site (Conditional Menus)

Another plugin that is more robust than the Menu Swapper is the Conditional Menus plugin by Themify. This plugin has a nice interface for replacing the menu on more robust conditions than just a specific page.

While Menu Swapper can sometimes be more straightforward to use if you just need to change the menu on a specific page, the Conditional Menus plugin is more flexible for swapping menus in more complex ways. We definitely recommend checking it out.

Get the Conditional Menus Plugin

Note: If you are using this plugin with UberMenu v3.2.5 or earlier, you may need to comment out this line in conditional-menus/init.php

Current version

line 126

$args['theme_location'] = apply_filters( 'conditional_menus_theme_location', '', $new_menu, $args );
Old version

line 89

$args['theme_location'] = '';