Since v3.7

Badges overview

Badges are highlighted secondary text elements that are used to draw attention to a primary element.

For example, you could highlight a “New Arrivals” item in your menu with a “New” badge if you want to encourage users to navigate there.

WordPress Mega Menu Badges

Adding a Badge to your menu item

In Appearance > Menus, click the “Uber” button while hovering over a menu item to access the menu item settings. Click the “Badge” tab on the left to see the Badge settings.

Badge Content

Enter text, HTML, or shortcodes in this box to set the content of the badge for this menu item

Careful! If you add HTML, make sure you don’t have any syntax errors, or you can break your page’s markup

Badge Position

The Badge Position determines where within the item the badge will appear


The badge will appear and position like normal content within the item’s title

Inline (absolute)

The badge will position inline, but will not take up space in the layout (may overlap other content)


The same as Inline, except raised slightly

Raised (absolute)

The same as Raised, but will not take up space in the layout (may overlap other content)

Top Right/Top Left/Bottom Right/Bottom Left Corner (absolute)

The badge will appear in the designated corner of the menu item and may overlap other content. Best used on larger items such as those with images.

Badge Colors

Set the badge background and text color settings to override the global badge colors, which can be set in the Customizer.

Customizer Settings (Global)

You can set the Badge defaults in the Customizer under the UberMenu Configuration > Badges section

Text & Background Color

Set the default badge background and text color to apply to all badges. This can be overridden on individual items.

Badge Font Size

Change the text size of the badge content.

Badge Border Radius

Set the roundness of your badges’ corners

Badge Padding

Set the padding on your badges

Badge Font Weight

Set the weight of the text in your badges

Badge Text Transform

Set the badge text to be normal, uppercase, or capitalized

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