How to renew support

About Support

When you purchase a product from CodeCanyon, it automatically comes with 6 months of support, which begins the day you make your purchase.

You also have the option to upgrade that to 12 months for an additional fee.

UberMenu purchase box on CodeCanyon

The 6 or 12 months from the day you purchase UberMenu is the support period. During this period, you can receive support for UberMenu by Submitting a Ticket in the SevenSpark Help Center.

At the end of that 6 or 12 months, the support period expires. If you need further support once your support period has expired, you can renew your support through CodeCanyon. If the support period for your license is expired, you are not eligible to receive support.

Please note that as each license is single-use, support renewals are only valid for the originally licensed site. If you want to use UberMenu on a new site, you can purchase a new license.

Renewing Support

Support can be renewed via CodeCanyon.

Their pricing system is a bit complex, so here is the link to their article on Extending and Renewing Item Support

The short answer is, to renew support, log into the CodeCanyon account you used to purchase and visit your CodeCanyon Downloads Page, and find UberMenu (if you don’t see UberMenu, it hasn’t been purchased through the account you’re logged in to – you may want to check your other accounts).

If your support is expired, you’ll see a message: “Your support has expired. Renew support now!” . Click the “Renew support now” link.

This will take you to the UberMenu item page and the buy box will provide a link to renew support for that license:

If you need a new license because you’re using UberMenu on a new site, click the “Buy license” tab and follow the purchase steps. If you want to renew support for your existing license, click the “Renew support” button

This will bring you to a page which shows you the cost to renew support and allows you to check out. Complete the checkout process to renew support. Your license code will stay the same, but will now be valid to receive support.

You can Submit Support Tickets at

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