Will UberMenu work with my theme?

UberMenu can work with any WordPress theme. UberMenu offers a variety of Integration Options for adding UberMenu to your theme. Different themes may require different integration strategies, and for some themes, a simple PHP edit of the theme’s menu is required to integrate UberMenu.

Automatic Integration

For most themes, UberMenu can be added via Automatic Integration, which means you just need to check the proper theme location box in the UberMenu settings, and UberMenu will replace that menu.

To determine if your theme supports automatic integration, please see the Automatic Integration Requirements

Manual Integration

However, some themes style and script their built-in menus based on hard-coded menu wrapper classes or IDs. This can result in residual styling which interferes with UberMenu’s functionality. In these cases, you can use Manual Integration to move UberMenu outside of the theme’s menu wrappers, preventing the theme’s code from interfering. Manual integration involves copying a line of PHP into your theme template to replace the theme’s menu. The included Residual Styling Detection / Manual Integration Tool can help you determine where to make the change, if you’re not sure.

Builder Integration

Generally with Page Builders (WordPress block editor, Elementor, Divi, etc), you’ll want to replace the standard “Menu” block with an UberMenu-specific block. We provide built in blocks for some builders such as the WordPress Block Editor and Elementor. For others (for example, Divi), UberMenu can be integrated by using the UberMenu shortcode in a custom content block.

Theme Interference

Some themes will interfere with the menu functionality. In the case of residual styling or residual scripting, Manual Integration is generally the solution. In some (rare) cases, a theme will alter the structure or classes of UberMenu via PHP filters. UberMenu has special settings to attempt to combat these scenarios. For more information, see Theme Interference

Special Theme Integration Instructions

Some themes have special instructions for manual integration – you can check if your theme is on the list here: Theme Integration

Widgets & Shortcodes

UberMenu can also be integrated via Shortcode or Widget, depending on your theme’s setup and where you want to place your menu.

Notes on “Special” theme menus

Some themes use “special” menus which are tightly integrated with the theme. This includes themes like one-page scrollers, where menu items are coupled with special page sections. Be aware that when you use UberMenu, it replaces your theme’s menu system, so any “special” attributes of your theme’s menu will not be inherited by UberMenu. If the features you’re looking for aren’t included in UberMenu’s feature set, you would then need to customize the plugin to recreate those features, or adapt the theme’s code to the new menu.

This also includes themes that programmatically inject code into the menu, such as shopping carts or search bars. This code may still be added to the menu when UberMenu replaces the menu, but since the markup is not generated by UberMenu, UberMenu can’t control the appearance or function of these elements.

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