License Code FAQs

What is a license code?

A “license code” or “purchase code” is a unique code that is generated by CodeCanyon when you purchase UberMenu. It is a long alphanumeric string. This code is private to you and should never be shared publicly.

Why do I need a license code?

The license code is used to verify your purchase and licensed use of the product. The license code is required in order to receive support and updates.

What is the “support period”?

Your license comes with 6 months of support included (or more if you chose to upgrade at the time of purchase). While your license gives you the right to use the plugin on your site in perpetuity, support access expires after the given period. You can renew your support period via CodeCanyon. The support period for your license must be current (not expired) in order to receive support.

The status of your support is shown beside the plugin on your CodeCanyon Downloads Page

Where can I find my license code?

The easiest place to find your license code is on your CodeCanyon Downloads Page. Log into the account you used to purchase the plugin and go to the Downloads page. Beside the UberMenu item click the green “Download” button, then License certificate & purchase code (text). Then look for the Item Purchase Code line:

Item Purchase Code:

More information: Where is my purchase code?

Your license code is also printed in your purchase confirmation email, so you can find it there as well.

I can’t log into my CodeCanyon account

If you can’t remember your account name, look for your purchase email, which will list the username you used to make your purchase.

If you can’t find your purchase email, you can recover your username – see I’ve forgotten my username

If you can’t remember your password, you can recover it – see I’ve forgotten my password

Please keep in mind that SevenSpark has no control over or information about CodeCanyon accounts. If you need assistance with your CodeCanyon account, please contact Envato Support

I didn’t purchase the plugin myself, so I don’t have access to the account

Please remember to always purchase plugins yourself, or make sure whoever purchases them on your behalf transfers the license to you. Legally, the purchaser of the plugin owns the license, so if a freelancer purchased the license for you, you may not be the license holder.

If you are not the purchaser of the plugin, you can still receive support and updates – all you need is the license code. The purchaser can just send you the license code.

If the purchaser will not send you the license code, and will not give you access to the account, then unfortunately you won’t be able to access support or updates. If this is the case, it may be questionable whether the license was ever purchased in the first place, or if the purchaser is abusing the license without your knowledge.

If you are stuck and the purchaser will not send you access, you can purchase a new license. Note the new license fee is only slightly more than the license renewal fee, so the difference between renewing and purchasing a new license is generally minimal.

I have a license code for a product that bundled UberMenu, can I use that?

No, only license codes specifically for UberMenu, purchased through, are valid for support and updates.

If you have purchased a bundle which included UberMenu, please contact the author you purchased from for help. Support for bundled plugins is provided by theme authors

If you would like support directly from SevenSpark, you can purchase an UberMenu license via CodeCanyon and use that license code for support/updates.

Can I still get support and updates without a license code?

Unfortunately, no. You must have a license code to receive updates and support. The license code is the only way we can verify purchase and current support privileges.

If you purchased the license yourself, please check your emails for the purchase receipt from CodeCanyon. It will include your account username, which you can use to log in and get your license code from your CodeCanyon Downloads Page. You can also recover your username or password.

If you did not purchase the license yourself, please contact the purchaser of the license and ask them to send you access to the CodeCanyon account or the license code itself. If the product was purchased legitimately, this should be no issue for the purchaser. Unfortunately, common schemes from dishonest freelancers include “re-selling” a single license to multiple clients or acquiring unlicensed copies of the plugin and installing them on client sites. The license code is necessary to confirm that your use of UberMenu is licensed, that the license is valid for your specific site, and that the support period has not expired.

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