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The position of the submenu determines where the submenu will appear in relation to its parent item or the menu bar.

Mega Submenu Positions

A mega submenu can appear relative to the menu bar or to its parent item.

Full Width

(Aligned left, 100% wide)

Note that by default, a mega submenu has a min-width of 50%. You can override this in the menu item settings if you want your submenu to be narrower for the following non-full-width submenu positions

Center (relative to parent item)

Left Edge of Menu Bar

Right Edge of Menu Bar

Left Edge of Parent Item

Right Edge of Parent Item

Vertical – Full Height

Specifically for vertically-oriented menus.

Vertical – Aligned to Parent

Specifically for vertically-oriented menus.

Flyout Submenu Position

For flyout submenus, the submenu can be aligned either to the left or the right of the parent.

Note that there is a separate setting for Mega and Flyout submenu positions.

The “Vertical” positions are only for menus in the vertical orientation.