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Submenu Types

There are 3 types of submenus: Mega, Flyout, and Stack.


A mega submenu is a dropdown submenu which contains multiple columns of content. All levels of the submenu menu are shown at once.

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A flyout submenu is a dropdown submenu which contains a single column of content representing a single level of the menu tree structure. Additional submenus are displayed to the left or right of the main submenu when hovering over an item that has child items.

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A stack submenu is a static submenu which is always visible when its parent item is visible. Its contents are stacked vertically. This submenu type wraps the third level of items in a mega submenu.

Automatic Submenu Type

By default, UberMenu will manage the submenu type for each item automatically. These are the defaults:

Top level

By default, all top level items will have Mega submenus.

To create a flyout submenu, just change the type to Flyout

Submenu of Flyout

By default, all submenus of flyout menus will also be flyouts.

Submenu of Mega

By default, all submenus inside a mega submenu will be stacks. This should not be changed.

Setting the Submenu Type

To change the submenu type to something other than the automatic type, open the settings for the submenu’s parent item and click the Submenu tab.