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Menu Item Settings > Custom Content

Each standard menu item can also contain custom content (text, HTML, and shortcodes).

Standard Menu Item or Custom Content Item?

A standard menu item (like a Post or Page) can have custom content attached. There is also a Custom Content Advanced Menu Item.

If you want a link with custom content below it, use a standard menu item.

If you want a block of custom content with no link/header, use the Custom Content item. This is effectively a shortcut for adding a Link item, setting the URL to ‘#’, and disabling the Link and Text.

Adding Custom Content

To add custom content to a menu item:

1. Open the Menu Item Settings > Custom Content

Go to Appearance > Menus and click the Uber button on the menu item to open the Menu Item Settings Panel. Click the Custom Content tab on the left.

2. Add your custom content

Add your custom content in the Custom Content text area. This area can contain text, HTML, and shortcodes. It cannot contain PHP.

3. Adjust the Layout

Adjust the Layout of the item in the Layout tab to set the width of the content block, if desired.

4. Save your settings

Click the Save Menu Item button to save your settings.