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Menu segments allow you to inject items from a separate menu into the current menu. A menu segment item will be replaced by the menu items of the segment assigned to it. Please note that menu segments should not be used as direct children of Tabs advanced menu items.

Example: you have two menus, “My Main Menu” and “My Menu Segment”:

My Main Menu:

The Menu Segment menu item is set to My Menu Segment

My Menu Segment

Effective Menu

When the menu is generated, the menu items from My Menu Segment will replace the Menu Segment item in My Main Menu, effectively producing:

(Note this is just for illustrative purposes; the items in your Menus panel won’t actually change)


Menu Segment Caching

As of UberMenu 3.2.1, you can cache menu segments just by checking a box. This saves you any processing that would occur within that menu segment. Read more about Menu Segment Caching

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