UberMenu 3.1 shipped with a new Diagnostics system. Diagnostics is currently an experimental feature in alpha development, and will progress and change over time with new UberMenu releases.

There are two parts to the system:

General Diagnostics

The General Diagnostics bar scans your page for potential issues, like missing scripts or stylesheets, incorrect jQuery version, etc. This tells you at a glance if there’s anything obvious you should be attending to.

Item Diagnostics

The Item Diagnostics provides you with the ability to inspect specific items and review their settings to determine what might be incorrectly configured, as well as toggle a box-model layout view of your submenus to see review your layout structure. You can also pin your submenus open to more easily inspect them.

Diagnostics Activation

To activate UberMenu Diagnostics, in the UberMenu admin bar dropdown, click Diagnostics

Residual Styling Manual Integration Tool

The Residual Styling Detection / Manual Integration Tool helps you identify the source of residual styling and locate where in the theme the code needs to be replaced.

Video Overview

This video runs through the main features of UberMenu Diagnostics, and how they can be utilized:

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