Open a submenu by default (current page or always)

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Menu Item Settings > Submenu > Show submenu when current, Show submenu by default

If you would like to have a submenu open automatically when the page is loaded, there are two settings that may suit your needs:

Note that with both settings, this is only an initial state. Once another item is triggered, or the close action is triggered, the submenu will close and menu operation will proceed normally.

Show submenu when current

When this setting is enabled, if this item is the current item (or current ancestor), its submenu will be opened when the page loads.

Show submenu by default

When this setting is enabled, this item’s submenu will be opened on every page.

Force Current Submenus Open Full Time

Appearance > UberMenu Control Panel > Main UberMenu Configuration > Submenus > Force Current Submenus Open Full Time

There is an additional setting in the Control Panel that will actually force the current submenu open full time, and not allow it to be closed.

The difference is that the two settings on the individual menu items will programmatically open the submenus, but they can be closed as usual. This will force the submenu open and it cannot be closed.

Generally this is useful when trying to create a two-layer effect with your menu, using two stacked rows and then a mega menu as the third level.

Please note that none of the settings on this page will cause the submenu displace any content on your page. So if you intend to have your submenus open full time and don’t want it to cover open other content on your site, you’ll need to be sure to actually leave space for it in your layout