Google Maps

The UberMenu Google Maps shortcode allows you to insert geocoded map locations into your menu. This map will automatically be recentered when the submenu is opened.

To use Google Maps you need to include the API, which can be done by enabling Load Google Maps API in Appearance > UberMenu > General Settings > Assets. Disable this if you’re not using it.

The included Google Maps Shortcode produces a simple map with a single marker. For more advanced map functionality, check out WP Google Maps or Comprehensive Google Maps Plugin


API Key Now Required
Please note that as of July 2018, Google Maps API keys are now required by Google.

To set up your Google Maps API key, visit the Google Maps Javascript API page and click “Get a Key” Follow the instructions on the Google Maps API site, then add your API key in the UberMenu Control Panel > General Settings > Assets > Google Maps API Key

Google Maps Shortcode

Use the Google Maps shortcode to insert a map into a Custom Content area within your UberMenu. Note that this shortcode is designed only for use within UberMenu.

[ubermenu-map address="Boston, MA" zoom="15" title="My Title"]

Example: 40.416
The latitude of the coordinates to show on the map. This will load immediately.
Example: -3.702
The longitude of the coordinates to show on the map. This will load immediately.
Example: 5 Calle de Sevilla, Madrid, Spain
This address is optional and will be geocoded and displayed – it sends an extra request to do this, so if the geocode fails the original lat and long coordinates will be displayed.
Example: 15
The map’s initial zoom level
Example: Business, Inc
The text to display when hovering over the map marker.
Default: 100%
Width of the map.
Default: 200px
Height of the map.

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