Adding Descriptions Video Tutorial

How to add descriptions to your menu items

Descriptions appear as text below the Navigation Label of your menu item. On the demo site, you can see descriptions in the “Mega Menu” submenu in both the “Descriptions” and “Images + Descriptions” columns. For example, “George R.R. Martin” and “Don’t feed the aliens” are descriptions.

The Descriptions field is actually a built in feature of the WordPress core Menu System. To set the Description for a menu item, click the arrow on any menu item to expand its settings.

Enter your description in the text box and click “Save Menu” to add your description to the menu item.

Description field is missing

If the Description field does not appear among the settings, you just need to enable it. Click the Screen Options tab in the upper right of the Menus Panel. Then make sure that Description is checked under Show advanced menu properties.

Descriptions don’t appear on the front end

If your descriptions don’t appear in the menu, make sure that they are not disabled for that type of menu item. Go to the UberMenu Control Panel > Main UberMenu Configuration > Descriptions and make sure descriptions are enabled for your menu item type.

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