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Automatic Integration is a feature that allows you to replace a specific menu on your site with UberMenu, provided the theme has been properly coded. Your theme needs to meet the Requirements, otherwise it won’t work – in which case, you can use Manual Integration.

If UberMenu does not seem to function properly after activation, your theme likely does not meed the Automatic Integration Requirements, and you’ll need to use Manual Integration instead. In other cases, malfunctions may be do to themes stripping classes or overriding menu arguments

How to activate UberMenu

To activate UberMenu on a specific menu in your theme:

1. Assign a menu to the Theme Location

Navigate to Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations, and assign a menu to the Theme Location you wish to target

2. Activate UberMenu on that Theme Location

Navigate to Appearance > UberMenu. In the Main UberMenu Configuration tab (or your desired configuration if you have multiple), click the Integration tab on the left. Under Automatic Integration Theme Location, check the Theme Location you want to turn into an UberMenu. The name of the assigned menu (from step 1) will appear next to the Theme Location for reference

Save you settings by clicking the blue Save button in the bottom right. UberMenu will now replace your theme’s menu at the specified Theme Location.