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UberMenu 3

UberMenu supports WooCommerce Product and Product Category menu items, and includes the ability to add cart summary and mini cart widget to your menu.

Basic Menu Item Compatibility

UberMenu has standard WooCommerce compatibility – you can add Products and Product category menu items to your mega menu.

If they do not appear by default, you can activate them in your Appearance > Menus > Screen Options:

UberMenu WooCommerce menu items screen options

and they will appear in the sidebar:

These items function the same as any other item in your menu.

Featured Images

Featured images are supported both for static items and dynamic items.


You can use the Dynamic Featured Image Inheritance feature to automatically display the featured image for the product.

Product Categories

As of UberMenu v3.7, the featured images functionality also supports WooCommerce Product Category images.

WooCommerce Item Layouts

There are two WooCommerce item layout options that will display the price and product image.

WooCommerce UberMenu Item Layouts

Dynamically display WooCommerce Products and Product Categories

In addition to adding static items as shown above, you can use Dynamic Terms to display WooCommerce Product Categories and Dynamic Posts to display WooCommerce Products dynamically.

Cart Info/Summary

Since UberMenu 3.5

WooCommerce cart summary info in UberMenu

You can add a cart summary (item count and total price) via the [ubermenu_woocommerce_cart_info] shortcode.

Learn more about How to add a cart summary info item to your menu

Cart Widget Dropdown

You can display a mini cart in your submenu via the WooCommerce cart widget.

Learn more about How to add a WooCommerce cart widget to your mega menu dropdown