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A Configuration is a set of specific menu settings which will be applied to an individual menu instance.

If you would like to have multiple UberMenu instances on your site which have different settings (for instance, a different skin, position, orientation, trigger, transition, etc), you’ll need to create a new Configuration.

How to create a new Configuration

By default, UberMenu comes with a main configuration, called the Main UberMenu Configuration. Its settings are configured in the first tab of the Control Panel.

To create a new Configuration:

1. Click the + Add UberMenu Configuration button

2. Name your Configuration

In the box that appears, give your configuration an ID and click the Create Configuration button. One or two words is best, as this ID will be used in your code and shortcodes.

3. Refresh the page

The page doesn’t refresh automatically in order to give you a chance to close the box and save any other changes you’ve been working in if you haven’t already.

4. A new +Tab will appear

A new tab with your configuration ID will appear in the Control Panel.

Click this tab to change the settings for this new Configuration.

Inserting a menu with a new configuration

Integration of the new Configuration works just like the Main Configuration. You can activate this Configuration on a Theme Location to integrate it automatically (don’t activate the same theme location on multiple configurations).

You can also use the Widget and set your Configuration in the Widget settings.

You can also use the Manual Integration code to insert an instance of a specific menu or theme location using this Configuration wherever you like in your theme templates.

Using this code you can add Multiple Instances

You can add as many Configurations as you like.

Deleting a Configuration

To delete a Configuration, click that Configuration’s +Tab, then click the Delete tab in the left panel.

Click the Permanently Delete Configuration button and then confirm the dialog box to delete the Configuration.