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UberMenu 3

Boemia creates residual styling that interferes with UberMenu’s functionality. To prevent this, we will override the theme’s theme/templates/header/header.php template and replace the theme’s menu with Manual Integration

1. Install the child theme

Install and activate the Boemia child theme, which is included with Boemia (in the theme folder /boemia-child.

Re-assign your menus in the Theme Locations tab of the Menus admin panel if necessary.

2. Make a copy of the theme’s header template in the child theme

Copy boemia/theme/templates/header/header.php from the parent theme into the main directory of the child theme (boemia-child/) and rename it yit_header.php.

3. Edit the ID to eliminate residual styling

Find this code in yit_header.php

<div id="nav">

and change it to

<div id="nav-uber">

4. Replace the theme’s header with the modified header

Add this PHP to your boemia-child/functions.php file to override the pluggable yit_header() function so we can replace the template with our own.

function yit_header() {
    require_once( 'yit_header.php' );

5. Add spacing below the menu

If you’d like to space the menu away from the slider, set the Menu Bar Margin Bottom setting in the UberMenu Control Panel > Main UberMenu Configuration > Position & Layout.

6. Adjust layering if necessary

If your submenu is obstructed by the slider or main content on the site, add this z-index code in the CSS Tweaks to layer UberMenu on top.