Getting Started: Overview

Welcome to UberMenu!

UberMenu is a plugin that enhances your menu system, allowing you to build flexible and beautiful menu layouts.

Building and adding UberMenu to your site

An UberMenu is just a standard WordPress menu (created in the Appearance > Menus screen and displayed via the wp_nav_menu() function), enhanced by the UberMenu plugin’s special menu functionality. UberMenu is built on top of the WordPress core menu system, so it inherits all of the core menu system’s capabilities.

Building Menu Layouts

To build your menu, you use the Appearance > Menus screen just like any other WordPress menu. Use the standard WordPress interface to drag and drop your menu items into a hierarchy which will be translated into a menu with dropdowns.

Integrating UberMenu

There are a variety of ways to integrate UberMenu into your theme layout, depending on how your theme works and what it supports. With Automatic Integration, UberMenu attempts to automatically replace an existing menu in your theme. Most themes support this, but some don’t. With Manual Integration, UberMenu provides you with a line of PHP to insert into your theme template where you want your menu to appear. For page builders, you can replace the default nav menu block with a block containing UberMenu.

Configuring Menus

You can configure UberMenu-specific options through 3 admin screens:

Control Panel: Appearance > UberMenu

The Control Panel allows you to configure UberMenu menus at an individual menu level and a global level. Settings such as the Skin, Orientation, Trigger, Transition, etc reside here.

Menu Item Settings: Appearance > Menus

Each item in your menu has its own settings which can be configured on a per-item basis. Settings like Item Layout, Submenu Position, Icon Selection, etc reside here.

To configure a menu item, go to the Appearance > Menus screen, hover over a menu item, and click the “Uber” button that appears.

Customizer: Appearance > Customize

UberMenu also adds a panel to the WordPress Theme Customizer. This allows you to configure skins and style options (colors, sizes, fonts) and see a live preview of your changes before publishing them.

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