The CodeCanyon Regular License is single-use and enables you to use UberMenu on one (1) site.

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How many sites can I use UberMenu on?

You must purchase one license for each site you want to use UberMenu on.

  • 1 site requires 1 license
  • 2 sites require 2 licenses
  • 3 sites require 3 licenses

and so on.

Is there bulk, multi-use, or developer licensing available?

Unfortunately, Envato does not provide bulk, multi-use, or developer licensing at this time. For more information, please see: Is there a developer/multi-use license?

Do I need an extra license for a development site?

No. Your license entitles you to use the plugin on a single site, which means you can have two copies of that same site – one for development/test/staging, and one for production – and be within the terms of the license. You should not have two live/production sites with a single license.

Can I move my license to a new site?

No. Envato licenses are non-transferrable, and single use. I’ve asked for clarification from Envato staff on this, and they explain that as the license can be used on a single project only, it cannot be moved from site to site, even if removed from the original site. To use the plugin on a new site, a new license is required.

Please also note that we can only provide support for one site per license. If you ask support for Site A with License 1, we cannot also provide support for Site B with License 1.

I’m using UberMenu on more than one site

If you didn’t realize that you needed one license per site, that’s okay – just go ahead and purchase the additional licenses now

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