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UberMenu 3

UberMenu Control Panel > Main UberMenu Configuration > Responsive & Mobile

Below the responsive breakpoint (960px by default, configurable in the Control Panel), UberMenu collapses and is replaced by a responsive toggle button.

Responsive Toggle Content

By default, the toggle button will display “Menu”. You can change this to whatever you like in the UberMenu Control Panel, shown above.

Responsive Toggle Placement

This toggle button is added to your theme by default when you integrate UberMenu, but if you prefer you can disable the default toggle and add your own elsewhere. Disable the Responsive Toggle setting and add your toggle via PHP or shortcode:

<?php ubermenu_toggle(); ?>

The above code will create a toggle that toggles any UberMenu on the page in the main configuration. If you only have one UberMenu instance, this will work fine. If you have multiple instances and want to toggle an individual one, please see the PHP API